Starting a Running Habit: A Beginner’s Guide


So today, October 19th,  marked another milestone for me! I started a running habit, thanks to a batchmate of mine who has a local running club. I’ve been pondering on this thought for quite some time now in my quest for better health and fitness.  I have been moderately active in Zumba classes but haven’t got the time for it lately.  I have also tried, for a few months, pole fitness and dance classes, and while it was all so worth it, my time just won’t allow me to sustain it.

I thought that the run earlier today was quite easy but I wasn’t really expecting anything. It turns out,  we mostly hurdled off-road routes and the terrain was challenging to say the least.  For a few kilometers,  it was mostly uphill and I found myself catching my breath countless times.  So! this is what it means to be going on a trail run.  There were areas where foliage was quite thick and we had to find our way around overgrown trees and bushes but it was surprisingly enjoyable.

This is the running group of Twins Gym, that’s me in blue, front row!


We covered more or less 7 kilometers within the Cacao and Katipunan area of Panabo City.  I nearly thought of giving up because my legs hurt and on the verge of developing cramps.  Thanks to the able assistance of my batchmate and other runners, I was able to sustain it to the finish line.

Here are just some of my learnings today after my very first run:

Invest in good running shoes.

Your feet will literally suffer so much during the entire activity so make sure it’s protected with good-quality and durable running shoes.


Stay hydrated.

Keep yourself hydrated during the entire run, at least take a few short gulps for easier recovery and to keep you going.


Wear comfortable sportswear.

It’s easy to move when you wear comfortable and appropriate sportswear.  For women, it’s usually leggings and sleeveless dry-fit tops while for men they normally wear sports shorts and spandex tops.


A lightweight belt bag is a must. 

Aside from your water bottle, a belt bag always comes in handy as a cellphone holder and for other essentials.


A sports watch is helpful, too!

This may seem like vanity but I’d say this is very important! It will allow you to track your covered mileage. Some brands also monitor your heart and blood pressure rate.  So yes, a sports watch is a very great essential for would-be runners!


Well guys, so far these are the takeaways that I’ve gathered after my very first run today.  Actually, I don’t want to call it a run yet.  It’s more of like a jog-hike-walk sort of thing actually! But please do understand, I’m a first-timer!  Till next post, see you all around, dearies!

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Staying healthy in your 40s!


Let’s admit it, being fortyish isn’t the same as being 20 or even 30!

While I can say that I’m more conscious now of my physical well-being and of the food that I eat,  still we can’t deny the fact that middle-age is nowhere near the teenage era.  We experience bouts of breathlessness,  we start to feel the signs of aching joints and muscles and our sleeping patterns will never be the same as it were when we were younger.

But heck yeah, we can still maintain physical health and well-being if we commit to it wholeheartedly.  These are some of the things that we can do to keep up with the times and still remain active in our middle-age years!

Stay physically active.

Regular exercise is important to keep us going.  If you enjoy dancing then you can enroll in Zumba fitness or ballroom dancing classes.  Going to the gym is also great but if you’re not a big fan then jogging, running or hiking would be great, too!


Practice mindful eating.

Being fortyish means our metabolism isn’t the same as it was when we’re younger so it’s best to watch what we eat. And yes,  to eat healthily;  that’s the best choice.  It’s okay to nibble on pizza or burgers once in a while but always make it a habit to eat healthily! I particularly love smoothies,  they’re very filling and are great thirst-quenchers, too!


And yes, who can’t resist Caesar’s salad? You can always whip up healthy salads at home and make your own variations and recipes, too.


Have some “me” time. 

Most of all,  aside from minding what you eat and making sure that you’re doing regular exercise you should always have your own “me” time.  It’s a time that’s solely dedicated to yourself.   You may choose to read a book,  do some gardening,  do some arts and crafts, listen to music or just simply meditate. It’s your take.  What’s important is to always set aside some really precious time to reconnect with your inner self and free your mind from worries.


As people say, “life begins at 40”, but I tell you, it’s not all fun and games anymore.  The middle age era is a challenging phase but it’s also that time of your life when you have to practice mindful eating habits and to be physically active.   It’s a point in your life where you’ve reached that sense of stability and self-fulfillment but also a time when you have to take extra care of yourself, too!

So, let’s enjoy being fortyish! And remember,  make each moment a memorable one!

Stay happy everyone!

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Caught up in this thing called middle-age!


Girl Hair Wind Sunset Silhouette Pretty Dusk

Hey guys! It’s been really silent here for a while but I vow to write more often these days. It has been one not-so-smooth sailing ride for me so far. But, as we always say,  “life is what we make it!” There have been triumphs, there have been bad falls, but in totality, life has been so good to me.

So, yeah, I’m caught up in this middle-age era! It’s not easy being fortyish for nothing but thank goodness, I’m surviving! Well, then why do I feel so caught up? Well, maybe because so much of my most sane moments happened during this stage in my life. This is that time of your life when you start to reevaluate everything that transpired and when you begin to make a deeper connection to yourself. Then again, this is that certain time when you realize that you gotta straighten up your act!

But, don’t get me wrong.  When I say I’m caught up I mean it in a good way. There may have been not-so-pleasant happenings in my life but  I take it all as lessons and stepping stones, not stumbling blocks.   And yes, I mean it, guys! So,  let’s all have a wonderful time, enjoy each moment and savor each second of our lives.  Let’s spread happiness, good vibes, and positivity. Life is indeed short, let’s live it to the fullest!






As a parent who only wants the best for the kids I can clearly understand the dilemma that most  parents go through. We easily get worried of the food that they eat outside the home and we can’t really monitor their diets each and every time especially if they’re in school or somewhere else. Now that summer is just around the corner, kids will most likely crave for thirst-quenchers. And again it triggers my worry cells to no end! Kids can consume liters of iced tea,powdered juice and all those artificially processed drinks that can hydrate but don’t have essential benefits for the body.

Good thing we discovered something that they instantly loved. Oh okay, I mean, it was my hubby who actually concocted it!hehe! Since it’s mangosteen season here in Davao we had easy access to the fruit and my hubby decided to do something worthwhile out of the mangosteen rinds and peels. This is how he prepared the mangosteen-lemon tea:

1. Let the mangosteen rinds dry out, preferably in room temperature.

2. Boil the dried mangosteen rinds, use strainer and set aside boiled mixture.

3. Squeeze some lemon into the boiled mangosteen mixture, put sugar to taste and voila, you now have mangosteen-lemon tea ready for serving!

You can chill the mixture inside the refrigerator or you could enjoy it pronto, just add ice cubes! The kids instantly loved it and my two boys almost finished up a pitcher-full of this healthy tea!

Yap, you heard it right. It’s healthy for the following reasons:

1. Mangosteen has great anti-bacterial and anti-fungal components and most of all it has anti-oxidant properties.

2. Mangosteen is anti-inflammatory and contains minerals like magnesium and potassium which helps protect the body from heart disease.

3.Most of all, mangosteen boosts energy, a great source of Vitamin C, helps prevent anemia and has essential properties that’s good for the skin.

AND YES, CALAMANSI is a great source of Vitamin C, so you’re really sure that this tea concoction is not just all-natural but really healthy for our kids and family!!




Family is important for me! They’re everything to me and my world. But like any normal family we have our share of squabbles and misunderstandings. The kids can test my wits at times and hubby and I would be at odds at times. But at the end of the day we all kiss and make up, well, that’s how it should be right? :))

Philippines Awaits Jessica Sanchez!!




September 21, the date to remember!! Yes folks, Jessica Sanchez will definitely invade Manila with fellow American Idol finalists!! Honestly, I was not too keen with American Idol before but since I saw her during AI’s Season 11 it was really a blast! Well, not only because she is half Filipina but what appealed her to me was her singing prowess and boy,she seems to have these massive lungs!!! Her rendition of well-loved songs during that season was also awesome, completely breathtaking!!

I love all the songs she sang but these are my favorites, so far!!


Oh yeah, actually it’s so hard to choose because she sang all of them effortlessly. And the finale number with Jennifer Holiday?!!!Wowww!!

Hey Jessica, we’re all waiting for you here in the Philippines!!I may still be miles away from Manila,  but just knowing you’ll be in the Philippines soon sure feels like a piece of heaven already!!!









Hi friends, there is so much I wanna share so I thought of putting up this blog. Stick around and we’ll have fun, that’s for sure!!

This picture was taken during a brief visit in Cebu City last year. I had a great time going from one store to another in search for pasalubongs!!:) Tight budget though so I thought of taking a pose instead for posterity!:))